help my new trike is deadly since it's conversion


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9:22 AM
Jul 9, 2023
i had a 26inch schwinn trike that i put a 48v 1000w front wheel brushless motor on and it ran fine. long story short it got stolen off my porch even though it was locked a couple weeks back. i had to find a replacement trike which i did though it was a little weather beaten and the joints were a bit rusty. i tried throwing on a old conversion kit that is nearly dead (the hub) but i got it running but as soon as i tried to use it the pedals kept spinning super fast. on my old bike if you was dragging it forward the pedals never moved what am i doing wrong here or what do i need for the trike? i have had to resort to removing the chain till i figure it out!!! i am still trying to fix my other bike up as well since i got it back but they had destroyed all but the frame