Help identifying bafang motor version


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Nov 30, 2023
Hello friends, I'm new here! I recently bought a 750W bafang mid drive and have some questions regarding its reliability and version, cause I have read so many things about bafang motors, specially about how fragile its controller is. Please take a look at the pics below (the serial number in the last pic is CR R209.750.SN.U 2.0 A27F8X4210339). Is my motor the lastest version of BBS02? What is the lastest version and what would be the improvements? Is there a way to know the manufacturing year of this motor by the serial number?

Also, do I have good reliability with this version? I mean, could I use at for a cargo/urban bike at full throttle all the time? I'm currently using a chain ring of 42T and rear sprockets range from 12 to 28T. The motor has good torque and I can get off the line pretty quickly even in the lowest gear (42 x 12) using only the throttle on a leveled ground. I read a lot of things regarding temperatures. Can I trust this motor?

Thank you very much!


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Bafang motors are generally of good quality and reliable.

Main problem with mid-drive is being in the correct gear for the terrain and load, electric motors do NOT like to be run at low speed and high load. When the motor is spinning slowly, it makes much heat. Running fast actually means less heat for the motor.

Other problem is chewing up the main drive gear, plastic is quiet but soft, metal is more durable but louder.

Be gentle when shifting and applying power and be in the right gear to keep the motor spinning fast.

I would not call their controllers "fragile" but on most of their mid-drives, they are inside the motor where the heat is. Also requjres disassembly to replace. Electronics are sensitive to heat.