Bike motor powering without pedalling


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Feb 12, 2024
I bought an engwe ep2 pro eu version and rode it for 350 kilometers , now I have a problem with it , the motor powers the bike by itself without pedalling... Even when I put the bike on the standard at a store it just took off by itself... When I pedal the power coming from the motor is also inconsistent , it will stutter and power only sometimes... I can't find a way to factory reset the eu version , anyone have an idea what this could be? When I unlock the throttle it does the same thing although I can ride the bike fully electric with the throttle this isn't very safe.


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Definitely a malfunction of some kind. Sounds like a bad controller. I don't think moisture anywhere is going to cause a motor to engage and stay engaged.
Definitely a possible, or even the display. Had an issue will mine, pin damage in connection Fortunately I had a duplicate.
display. Sadly, checking all connections might do even more damage if one is not extremely careful.