HELP Battery no voltage


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2:52 AM
Sep 12, 2023
United States Of America
I fully charged my brand new never run ebike battery, and let it sit for a week, the charger says its fully charged, but no voltage is coming out of the battery- nothing turns on, checked with multimeter, nothing! Other batteries turn it on.

It is a Cao MM 48v 20a battery.
If you purchased your battery thru Amazon - as a refererence Refund available if within 30 days - ansd "2yr YYDC company warranty - contact Amazon customer service for YYDC tel#/email
Did you also test the charger? To ensure it is actually outputting 54.6 volts.

From what I’ve read, you shouldn't leave the charger connected to the battery once it reaches full charge. That is bad for battery longevity, but it should still show a charge. The instructions I follow says to leave the charger connected for 12 hours on the first charge to level the cells, then do the same every few months thereafter. Link to maintaining eBike battery