Hello, coming to you from Oregon.

Welcome Amber, from SE Wisconsin!
I am a mean dragon too. ;)

I like those small-wheeled urban eBikes; I'm often tempted by them.

For others, here's her bike:


Enjoy your stay!
I am Amber, I live in Oregon, and I got my first / e-bike on Saturday, it is a Sohamo M3.
Welcome, may you enjoy may hours of pleasant riding. That said, it's good to make a preflight check of your bike
a habit before each ride to be sure all is in order before discovering it's not. That should be easy on a new bike.
Cables stretch, brake pads wear, spokes loosen. A mirror is important & should always be checked; loose clothing
can be a hazard. Ride safe!
Welcome Amber, to e-biking! In addition to what Rawly Old said, if you plan to ride on roads where vehicles go, I can't stress enough the importance of being visible! This means investing in very bright blinky red light devices and put them on the front, back and even sides of your bike. I too live in Oregon and I'm amazed at how often bikers are killed on the road by vehicles. Increase your odds of survival by being seen by all vehicle drivers. That means bright blinking red lights! Bright clothing would help and if you have a head light, turn it on even in daylight. I would not advise even riding at dusk or night time on roads. Just too risky.