Have I fried my motor..?


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11:45 PM
Apr 23, 2022
Hi All, I have owned my haibike sduro 1.0 Yamaha pw se motor hardseven for a couple of years, 20 miles or so a week.. I live in the uk so added a power box as was restricted to 15.5 mph, was all going great until the other day when it suddenly loss power and the mileage odo read out started flashing (just that nothing else on display flashing battery reading full) power off and back on it goes for a few mins then again power cuts and odo starts flashing..? Any ideas..? or have I blown it :/

Thanks Al
Check thoroughly for a loose connection or damaged wire, next check your owners manual to see what the flashing odo reading actually means.
Hi thanks for reply, I cannot find owners manual and can’t find anything on google..
Check thoroughly for a loose connection or damaged wire.

Next time you purchase an expensive item with proprietary electronics and connections, keep track of the frigging manual.

Also check thoroughly your battery state of charge. Possible LVC issue.