Bafang error 30 750w 250w


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Aug 13, 2020
Right I guess we have all seen this type of thread before, ive done a lot off researching into regards to this. My situation a bit is a little bit different so to cut it short I have a 750w motor with a color screen that just decided not to start after a simple comute to work for ten min, I then later got home to test and used my screen from my 250w which was safe and sound parked up due to upgrade which gave me the reading error 30 and flashing battery icon then power off, I though ok.. Already thinking new controller but as I build back the (swaping forks etc) no bafang parts apart from the screen to test the 750w and guess what that reading showing on my 250w and also same the color screen dont power up.
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Hi there Easyebikes, the problems that @AurelV was having on this thread sound really similar to your problems with the Error 30:

In his case he even had two different displays and kits and was still getting the error 30 on both kits when swapping parts to test. The only part he had in common with the two kits was the battery. Not sure if he ended up fixing his error, but I've asked him if he can provide some feedback which will hopefully help you out!
I see, nothing incommon on my bike as there two different systems of power.
Hi @Easyebikes , our problems are not similar as you said.
I cannot help you on your error, but from my experience with Bafang kit in 99% of the cases the controller is the fault - they are the Ahile heels of Bafang kits. Mine now is working (PAS and acceleration) but still showing Error 30 on my display. I will ride it like this until it dies and force me to buy a new controller.
Hi I'm getting 30 H on my display and a sun like symbol I've swapped parts around and still get the same error is it the controller, thanks if you can help me cheers.