has anyone hacked "kt" brand's wiring?


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11:51 PM
Aug 17, 2022
anyone who has attempted to use kt gear with other brands knows that it does not work. kt says so on their website, and its true.... or is it? here's what im saying... kt displays and controllers use a different software than the other brands, so automatically, thats a no go, unless one is an expert programmer and computer guru... which i am not... so lets all not waste our time with that.... BUT.... their hub motors... now that is a whole different thing. i suspect that kt has made it so none of the phase wires and hall effect wires colours will match up with the standard configuration every other company uses. there is no circuit board or anything in their hub motors, and so i think mixing up the colours/wires would be the only way they could do it. so their motors should work with other branded displays and controllers, IF one could figure out those wires. there are only so many combinations of the three phase wires and 5 hall wires possible. yes, that would be many different possible combinations, but i am going to try it. it will take a lot of time... unless i get lucky early on in the process. i will create a list of every possible combination, and then go through it, until it works. has anyone ever done this? IF and when i do, i will post the results so others dont have to spend all the time and effort doing this. but if it works out, im sure KT will change it some how.... but it will still work on all their old gear... and they cannot stop it.
thats my plan, and im sure there will be people who say this that and the next thing... but i am fairly certain it can be done. i am not a beginner, but would like some feedback, and possibly help compiling the list... as im not into learning how to do a spreadsheet on my pc... or whatever it would take to easily and quickly create the list right now.... thanks. (if nobody helps i will do it with pen and paper)