First aid kits, what do you carry with you

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Jun 10, 2023
The topic of first aid kits came up the other day.
So that got me wondering what do you carry with you?
My kit is really basic, a few bandages, out dated aspirin and some tape, I need to go through all my kits and update.
Some of the rides we do there are not many others around, some places no cell coverage either.
My first aid kit is based on where I ride. My rides are, street for conditioning and just getting out, mountain trail for a dozen miles and long distance desert exploring.

What type of injury could I expect? Scrapes and cuts. Arm issues, cactus and mild pain.
Something to control bleeding, bandages of a few types, tweezers and tape for cactus needles, arm sling. aspirins. If its a leg issue, odds are I'm stuck wherever I fell. My long distance trips also get my In reach as well as a radio. Even though a cell phone is in my bag, my desert trips normally don't have cell reception. My mountain trail trips normally have people hiking and riding.
I carry a Nurse. ( the wife)
What first aid kit does SHE carry? ;)

I don't carry any 1st aid stuff on my eBike. Now that I think of it, I probably should, as I go almost as fast as do on my road bike. On the road bike, I travel light, but still have a small 1st aid kit. On my road bike, I get up to 45 mph sometimes and 20-25 pretty often. On the eBike, I rarely crack 25.

I notice that on eBikes, a lot of people forget about weight entirely and just carry a whole MESS of stuff. I like to still stay pretty light, in case I need to pedal home without motor.

1st aid kids are available for purchase, but I think it makes more sense to buy one that is more geared toward bike-related injuries, like scrapes and cuts. I can forgo the pain killers and that kind of stuff. I think it's more important to have large gauze pads and tape than anything else. No need to carry small Band-Aids, as bike-related scrapes are going to be BIG. Maybe some Bactine and triple antibiotic ointment.

I bet Park Tool makes a good one...
Cell phone but this got me thinking I should carry some basics. My cell phone did dial 911 once when I hit a rough patch of a road awhile back. I turn off the function if I'm going off road or riding some of the pothole filled roads in town. Nothing like a call from the police when you aren't expecting it.
Probably if I wanted to be a boy-scout (be prepared), my choice would be a "CLS bag" (Combat life saver). I carried one of those in Iraq (with a minor med surge kit added). It never lacked something to deal with any reasonable problem.

For now, I used protective gear, to reduce the chance of scrapes, dings, and head injuries.
I know this is not 1st aid related, but I think a emergency blanket should be carried.
I carry both, as my history is somewhat accident prone. I think everyone should at least know CPR.
I've had a first aid card for 50 years,(needed one to get a job,also lifesaving card) Take the course,
it's a better way to meet people than AA.:geek: