Faraday Diagnostic Cable


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Oct 9, 2021
Hi all. My Faraday has stopped working, and the local bike shop that knows how to fix is no more. I suspect controller or battery, which I think I can handled replacing myself. Both are big $$$, though. I looked at Faraday’s website and they mention an out of stock Diagnostic Cable That may help me narrow this down.

I’m handy with electronics and can breadboard the cable or mod another manufactures if I had some guidance on what to do.

i‘ve found mention on some Czechoslovakian forum through google translate that indicates that some Bafang bikes may use the same controller as Faraday. But, neiTher I nor google could glean much more. I‘ve found a few Bafang programming cables on line that seem similar to Faradays, with an M5 and USB, buT am skeptical they will work without at least some modification.

Does anyone have experience with the Faraday diagnostic cable? Tips on how to build one since Faraday has no more and is no more?
I'm looking for the same. I saw the Bafang cables but they only have 1 M5 connector, whereas the Faraday ones have 2.
This is why you avoid proprietary parts and connectors. Too many orphans.

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