Yanked a cable, now wont turn on bbs02


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9:25 PM
Feb 24, 2022
My bike was working fine, i pulled it out from behind some stuff, and some of the cables around the handlebars snagged on something.
Not realising i yanked the bike a bit and now it wont turn on.

I think this is strange because none of the cables that got snagged were the power cable?
It should only be the gears and brakes cables, and maybe the lcd.
But theres no power to the motor at all. Ive tried with another battery too.

The only solution I can think of is to buy a new main connector cable:

Should that fix it or could it be anything else?
I wouldnt like to wait a month and half for a new cable only to discover that wasnt the problem at all.
So it could be a wire broke inside it's plastic sheathing and causes your problematic situation.

Could have cracked the circuit board and or disconnected a wire within the display itself eh?

Man even with a BBS02 ya might have damaged something within the motor housing on or near the controller..?