Error Code 6 after changing tire size on controller to increase max speed


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Aug 3, 2023
I have a Pedego Interceptor 24" tires. I changed the tire size in the LED display to say it is 16" tires and the result was an increased max speed from 19.2 to 25 mph.
Every now and then I get an "Error Code 6" on the bike. I have to turn it off, then back on, and it goes away.

Google tells me it's like a voltage problem caused by improperly charging the bike. I am charging it in an RV, so that could be the problem and it is unrelated, though I find that a little unlikely. If it is the change in tire size that is triggering this error, should I be concerned? Am I risking blowing out my motor?

The extra 5 mph will really help with my commute to work, though if the bike breaks, then it's obviously not worth it.



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May 30, 2023
"In your RV", are you using a standard charger, on a 110 receptacle?

What is the exact text of the supposed error message, and was this specific to your bike?

Describe more about "every now and then". Towards the end of a long ride, or a long stretch of hi-speed run? Right before a charge is needed?

After you cycle power, how long, in both minutes and miles, before the error re-occurs? How long, in both measurements, before the first time?

What is more likely is that because the higher speed is consuming more battery capacity, which would cause a voltage drop, which could trigger an error message. Does the bike cease to function when you get the error code, or just the code and it continues to work?

If so, it has nothing whatsoever to do with charging, other than you will need a charge soon. The solution is more pedaling and/or more battery, or less speed.

Almost certainly a controller-initiated Low Voltage Cutoff.