Ebike Throttle Placements Thumb vs Twist


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Sep 19, 2018
What kind of throttle set-ups is everyone using on their ebike. I need some ideas on where to place the throttle on my ebike build. Also what is better, thumb throttle or twist? Thanks!
I prefer thumb throttle, twist throttle feels kinda aqkward to me on an ebike.

Also another thing to consider is the jungle of wires that end up on an ebike, the best color bike to hide the wires is a black.
Thumb throttle is the way to go if you prefer your bars to be less cluttered. Make sure a thumb throttle is compatible with your ebike too.

This thumb throttle is compatible with Bafang BBSHD and BBS02 Kits - https://lunacycle.com/bafang-bbshd-and-bbso2-universal-thumb-throttle/
I've tried a range of different throttles on various ebikes, the one I like the best is the half twist throttle. You can always make your own half twist throttle by cutting a full grip throttle down to size.