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Jan 29, 2024
Hey everyone

I am fairly new and would like some advice in choosing a 1st eBike. It will be mainly to commute to from work, about 10km each way, typical road surfaces. I am not tall so my options are very limited. Looking at these here, if I can get some recommendations, pros and cons to help decide, much appreciated.

My budget is under AU$1,500, including helmet and other necessary items.

Thanks again
The bikes on your shortlist are quite different. Folding bikes are smaller, mainly to make them easier to transport and store, but smaller wheels and a shorter wheelbase can make them less comfortable and less stable - bigger is generally both better and actually easier. For shorter riders, the important features are a low seat height and maybe a low step-thru frame. Handlebars can be adjusted or changed or adapted to fit all shapes and sizes.

If you can arrange a test ride or two, that will help narrow down the options. Also, all bicycles need some simple maintenance for safety and reliability. It's generally easy DIY stuff with basic tools, and there's a ton of helpful videos on YouTube, but it needs doing. Your local bike shop can help of course, or check out local mobile services.
What is available in terms of name brand eBikes in Australia? Those are all cheap re-badged Chinese bikes.

From a quick look, it doesn't appear that you're going to get anything of quality in Australia for less than about $2200.
Aventon is a good brand, and their entry level bike, the Solterra is a good one, but you'll have to save awhile longer.

I have their Level.2 for my main commuter:

The Level.2 comes with a rack & fenders as well as being a longer range (though heavier) eBike.
Do you have a local bike shop that stocks eBikes? Do they have Giant? I think they will cost about the same as Aventon.