does anyone know of MTB frame/bike with 68mm bb shell?


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Aug 7, 2020
i'm looking for a strong frame, that can accept a front suspension fork, from steel. would be nice if it was a 29er
Many mid-90's or so mountain bikes have 68 mm BB and steel frames with a 1 1/8" head tube for a recent, straight-steerer suspension fork. I have at least two in my "stable". Look at CFG (on Amazon); cheap steel frames 26" & 29" (when they're available) with 68 mm BB.
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you mean 2nd hand? problem is that i don't know where they've been or what happen to them.
The CFG are new. Many "used" examples haven't even been broken in. Your other option, custom, might be too rich for you.
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i already came from a custom frame, this is it,
problem is that left chainstay is broken, i only 68mm because i want to fit with torque sensor and those only come in 68 mm flavours.
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Not sure it's what you're looking for, but I know the entry level aluminum treks from the late 2000s were overbuilt, strong frames with 68mm bottom brackets. Models like 4300, 4500... Later called "series 4" . Could probably get a frame, or whole bike dirt cheap now.
this would be pefrect for mid-drive (it's a modified gng 2015, up to 1500watts, however considering it's rated 75% efficiency, and we have a jackshaft and primary and secondery reduction, i'm not sure if the wheel gets 700 watts)
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