Does a mid drive use the same Wh per mile as a direct drive motor?



I know it's subjective to many variables.Just wondering how much the drive train helps with battery consumption vs direct drive motor.
Sadly, not all motors are created equal. My wife's 750W hub motor sips electricity, my 1Kw motor guzzles it at about twice the rate for riding together at the same speed. Her and her bike is lighter than mine. But, I don't think that is the real issue. The area here is relatively flat.

Not all mid-drive motors are equally efficient either, and tend to have preferred gears to be in for best "energy efficiency" at a given speed. Lugging any motor increases the chances it will draw more power per mile travelled.

For flat-land riding, on the average, my money is on the hub motor. For hilly areas, my money is on the mid-drive. This is because a direct drive hub motor does not have as much "transmission loss through the chain". Keep in mind a 350W mid-drive motor will get you up a hill (slowly in a low gear), which a 350W hub motor cannot.