Do You Need a Gear Sensor with a Bafang BBSHD - Yes or No?


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Oct 21, 2018
Hoping to set up a BBSHD as spending plan permits which appears as though will occur in two or three weeks as long as they are still in stock. Should I get the Gear Sensor? I know exactly what it does. Yet, I'm wondering if anyone else uses it...Well would you do it again or would you go without? I read one post where it caused issues and had to be cleaned all the time. Is it worth the problem to have or is it just as easy to let off the throttle or slightly brake before changing gears?
In my 4 builds, I've never needed a gear sensor, or an e brake. 2 BBSO2's, 2 HD's. 99 % of my riding is pedalling, while at the same time feathering in the specific assist I feel the need for, with the PAS at 0. I use less power than with the PAS. With the stock programming it appears to want to help too much or too less. My thumb is better and faster to react.

You can always put a gear sensor on later.....
I have them on every one of the three of my ebikes and they work really well for me. I use the PAS and throttle, and when in a high PAS level it is extremely handy that I can change gears under high load without them mashing. I don't even need to stop accelerating. On the off chance that you ride with throttle just like tom86, then a gear sensor won't help much but on the off chance that you ride like me, it will help you.
Why not?

I have one on my ebike with about 5000miles and really value it.

Not long after I fitted the gear sensor it stopped working - even if it stops working you can still ride. Even if you couldn't ride it doesn't take one moment to unplug it - open it up, rough up the cable with some emory paper since it was very smooth and never had an issue since.

They don't require any maintenance and in the builds I've been doing since, I just roughed up the cable and never had a problem.

I will keep on using them - gear sensors are beneficial in my book.
Thanks I really couldn't decide if I should waste time with one or not. You have all helped me a great deal. I will get one!