Direct drive ebike hub kits vs geared ebike hub kits


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8:27 AM
Sep 18, 2018
What's the difference between direct drive ebike hub kits and geared hub kits? Is there any difference in weight? How about pedalling them home when the battery goes flat, which one is easier to pedal home?
The cheaper direct drive ebay hub kits will weigh 12-15 pounds. Not sure if they feel like an ebike when un-powered or similar to a normal bicycle because I have never ridden one. But I have heard that the ones with larger motors can be hard to pedal without power because of the resistance of the magnets in the motor.

The geared hub kits range from 5-10 pounds and they are free wheel when pedalled, so you don't get any drag from the motor. This makes them feel similar to pedalling a normal bicycle in case you run out of battery.

The best option for an ebike that feels like a normal bike is to go with a geared hub kit. They are lighter in weight and easier to pedal when you run out of battery.