Creaking "BB"on Shimano E8000


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4:23 AM
Aug 15, 2020
I am getting a creaking noise that is in time with the crank rotation and can't seem to figure out the source. I have greased the crank spindle threads, the pedal spindle threads, the fixing bolt threads, and sprayed WD40 on the mounting bolts, and frame area. None of this had any effect. My bike is built up from parts that came from a Focus hardtail which had no noise issues. The bike was pretty quiet for the first week but is getting more noticeable. My next step is to pull the motor and grease the frame tabs, and if that doesn't do it, then I can only conclude it's in the motor itself. I don't think it is a suspension pivot issue, because just bouncing on the bike does nothing, it only happens when pedaling, with or without power. Also if I lay the bike on its side and push the crank arm inward I can initiate a single creak, and then flip it over and get the same thing on the other side. It is very reminiscent of a BB problem, but there is nothing to service on the E8000.

Has anybody had any issues like this?
Update: after the bike sat for half a day the creak went away so I assume it was the motor/frame touch points that the WD40 penetrated after sitting half the day.

I rode it in total silence just now. Next step: pull the motor and put anti seize on the mating surfaces

Good to know. Sometimes you feel like you are chasing ghost. My Niner Jet 9 has had a creek I have never been able to find and my Toyota 4runner makes lots of suspension noises despite being just fine but its very annoying.