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    LaMere Diode Carbon AllMtn Shimano E8000 Motor E-Bike at 43lbs

    We're proud to announce our new Diode which is one of the only Shimano E8000 motor AllMtn electric bikes in the USA, with full carbon 27.5+ frame and a total weight of just 43lbs! The bike is as maneuverable as a normal bike on the trails but of course way faster on XC and uphill sections, and...
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    Shimano SC-E8000 computer / controller / display goes off with light connected to it.

    I probably saw/read somewhere that shimano does not recomend anymore since the new 8000 model to attach the light to this computer and instead they made special connectors on the engine itself but I had to try. I had anyway an extra cable that I could use/cut and fit to a pretty strong light...