1. U

    newcomer to Shimano

    I am fairly new to bicycling world. I own a Sunseeker 3 with e assist (throttle). I am seriously considering purchasing an ICE Adventure that has a Shimano 6100. I weigh 280 pounds and am 6 ft 1 inch. I am desirous of running around 20 mph consistently. Will i be happy with the 6100 or...
  2. S

    shimano sc-e6010 power supply polarity

    Maybe someone will tell the polarity of the shimano sc-e6010 power supply
  3. CrossRoads

    bafang bbshd vs shimano vs bosch reliability survey

    So the real high-end fully-built cargo e-bikes, such as the urban arrow, the extracycle bikes, yuba... all come with either the shimano or the bosch mid-drives. I have been told by every salesperson that they are "the best". Of course i can't help but notice these mid-drives are HALF, (perhaps...
  4. M

    Shimano EP801 + Chainring change

    Hi, Apologies if this has already been discussed but I am after some advice regarding changing chainring size on a bike with an EP801 drive unit. If I change the front chainring on my bike from 38t to 34t do I need to get the bike spec settings altered in etube and if I dont will it throw up...
  5. R

    Shimano E8035 and E8035L battery difference?

    I'm looking to buy an extra battery so is there a difference between an E8035 and an E8035 L? What's the L stand for?
  6. Votur1

    Shimano Steps E8000 Eride App Error?

    Hello pls help I have the announcement when try to enter assist option on e8000 with my eride app The system performs ok Shows like the speed sensor is disconected but I have all the info ok Speed cadence and motor working according to torque
  7. L

    Shimano Step E6100-set 12 hour clock

    Hi All, Own a Marin Sausalito hybrid e-bike. Cannot get Shimano Steps E6100 to stay on 12 hour time (defaults to 24 hour time always). I know I saw a unit choice between 12 & 24 but can't remember how to access. I know how to set the time but not how to set it for 12 hours, not 24 hour time. SS...
  8. jonrob

    Motor Noise Merida E8000?

    Hi John From Australia I have three e mtbs,Merida E8000 160 carbon,Merida E5000 Alloy frame and Bulls E Core evo Am1 twin core the e160 has 9500ks the E5000 has 4500ks and the Bulls has 550ks.all with same motor E8000 Shimano and bothe Meridas have half the motor noise of the Bulls E Core...
  9. darco

    shimano e8000 range?

    hello to everybody :) a question for u guys: is the range of the shimano e8000 any good? compared to a bosch, i wanna get an ebike and have to choose between a commencal meta power sx, yt decoy and focus jam, i would hesitate choosing either the meta or the decoy for the looks and performance...
  10. IanHoll

    Building & Truing a Wheel With a Shimano Alfine Hub

    Does anyone know which truing stand I suitable when building and truing a wheel with a Shimano Alfine hub? The axle is fixed to the Alfine and only spins one-way, so I'm wondering what truing stand is suitable for this wheel build. I have a DRC wheel truing stand, but given the axle is fixed on...
  11. P

    Shimano Steps E6100 gearing going out?

    When I start to pedal there’s now a brief lag before the motor kicks in. Also, when it does, it is more abrupt than it used to be. You can feel it quiet obviously in the pedals. Any idea what is going on and how I can fix it? I’m out of warranty. The motor has 400 miles on it.
  12. ronniebellie

    Shimano or Enviolo hub

    I'm about ready to purchase a Priority Current. I have a choice between a regular Shimano hub or an enviolo hub which is a kind of continuous variable transmission (CVT). Has anyone out there ever used an enviolo hub? What are your impressions? I've heard it adds about 2 lbs to the weight of...
  13. Andrei213

    Shimano Steps E6100 error 014

    Hello everyone. I was riding today and suddenly got no motor support, heard 3 beeps and error E014 on display. Looks like a speed sensor. Checked the sensor and magnet, all in place, magnet is well orientated, no dirt or contamination, no damaged wire sensor. Power off, removed the battery...
  14. M

    Shimano BT-e8016 630Wh alternatives?

    I'm in the process of getting an e-tandem built up for me and my wife. The process is being delayed however because the builder can't source a Shimano BT-e8016 630Wh battery. Does anyone know if there are any non-Shimano brand replacements for this battery or if that is even a thing with e-bike...
  15. N

    Hello from Belgium - Trike with Shimano Steps 6100

    Hi, I'm a man living in central Belgium and am new to driving with an e-bike. It is a trike with Shimano Steps 6100. Hope to find here good information about technics and long trips. Thx, Nobel
  16. B

    Shimano XT di2 shift issues

    I have 2018 Pivot Shuttle with Shimano XT di2 setup. Recently the bike started not shifting consistently, instead beeping. after a few jabs it would shift. This condition progressively worsened to the point it will not shift or display the gear position. I have checked all di2 tube...
  17. K

    Full Charged Shimano Steps E8010 battery shows 89 km on range display

    Hi everyone, I have shimano steps e8010 battery and e7000 engine on my mountain e-bike. I bought it in july this year. So, i have ridden 1000 km until now. Not long. When i charged the battery fully, range shows 89 km on display. It was showing 100 km before. My friends who ridden over 3800 km...
  18. banj911

    Shimano E6100 Motor noises, clunking and whirring, Merida Espresso e500

    My Shimano e6100 equipped Merida has barely reached 200km total and started making a clicking/clunking noise. The noise was only apparent when the motor was providing assistance, and noisier as the torque applied to the pedals increased. I shot a video of the issue and during the recording the...
  19. C

    Shimano steps frozen display? YT Decoy

    Hello, I’m having an issue with the shimano steps display on my YT Decoy e-bike - the display is frozen. The bike wont turn on or off. I have tried disconnecting the battery and taking out the leads. Has anyone else had this problem?
  20. R

    Shimano BT E6001 battery on different bike

    I would like to mount a shimano BT E6001 battery on a different ebike (giant) which has a different motor/controller. The battery holder (rack) has 4 wires coming out. Thick black and red are clearly for power and can connect them, but what about the 2 thin wires orange and blue? If I connect...