Control Box Setting PAS Levels - Hilltopper Horizon kit


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Aug 25, 2022
I need some help. I have a Hilltopper Horizon kit ... -bike-kit/ and I am bypassing the control box it came with and using a KT control box with a KT LCD7, KT throttle and KT PAS sensor. The Hilltopper Horizon kit just has one PAS level at 15mph and top throttle speed at 20mph. ( I want a PAS with levels and have access to the motors top speed)

What I need help figuring out is does anyone know what the gear ratio and how many poles/magnets that motor has? I'm trying to figure my P1 settings. Hilltopper support is of no help at all.

Also is there a way to custom set the PAS level speeds? I know C14 has 1-3 but it makes little difference

My settings right now are as follows.
P1 130 (I'm guessing)
P2 2
P3 1
P4 0
P5 15
C1 3
C2 0
C3 8
C4 0
C5 10
C6 3
C7 1
C8 0
C9 0
C10 0
C11 0
C12 4
C13 0
C14 1

With these settings my PAS 1 is 25MPH as well as 2-5. Throttle works as should. I need a way to custom set the speed on PAS 1-4. Can this be done on this set up. If not, do yo have any recommendations on a control box that would work for my setup using my Hilltopper motor and battery?

Thanks in advance!