cheapest electric bike wheel kit / motor kit for Australia?


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Jun 22, 2018
I'm a newbie with some questions. I want to keep pedalling hard, but I also want to go faster, so as to shorten my 30 minute work commute. So I'm thinking of converting my front-wheel-drive Cruzbike, so that it is also powered by a rear-wheel electric hub motor.

What are my options for doing this?

where the owner recommends the GL-1 motor as perhaps best suited to my needs & budget (small). I think I'll need to find a battery, and buy separately the throttle, 'controller' and other stuff ...

(eg. battery: 36volt 10ahr: $335aud plus $90aud freight. battery charger: 1.36v 2amp $50. motor: GL-1 Brushless, Gearless, $320 aud $90aud freight (5.8kg) dia=18cm, 36Volt/48Volt, 15amp)

... so I suppose I'm looking at around $900. Which to be honest, is a lot more than I wanted to spend. Are there any other cheaper options, or is that about what I have to resign myself to spending?
Use a motor/gearbox onto a wheel with a ratchet along with a speed controller and 2 x 12v Gel batteries.
Have you considered a BB chain drive system? Good system for a low power setup. fairly cheap to setup. If you start off with SLA's, will do until you get LiPo's or similar.