Calculation of solar charging system for ebike battery.

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Jul 23, 2020
Calculation of solar charging requirements for Rad Power battery. You could use this chart for another ebike battery.


  • Solar charging system sizing for Ebike.pdf
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I was going to make a solar charging station for my ebike - then my electric provider offered me 100% renewable through the grid!
Thanks for the chart, good info. I have about a 1KW setup on my home, along with an 800AH battery bank. This setup is completely off-grid. It powers my garage workshop, office, and critical circuits when the grid goes down here in hurricane prone FL. Our 2 bikes, whenever they finally arrive, will be charged via solar exclusively. I may add a timer circuit to the outlet those chargers connect to after seeing the discussion regarding the posts from Rad regarding potential overcharging.
Have you seen these? They can be charged from a solar panel.

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