Aventon Abound - front wheel alignment?


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1:08 AM
Jul 24, 2023
Hi all, first post here. Been riding my Abound for a few months now and since I put it together, the front wheel rotor grinds slightly against the brake. I tried to make sure the brake was aligned, loosened the caliper, engaged the brake, re-tightened the caliper. Did not fix the issue. Took the wheel off and the brake pads, made sure those were aligned, still having the issue.

I realized that the wheel looks to be wobbling slightly when I spin it. So the rotor grinds on one side of the brake on every spin but just for a split second. Doesn't seem to impact much except a minor noise and probably slight impact to my range.

It does not look like the wheel is bent in anyway. Any thoughts on how to fix this? Thank you in advance!