8 Speed left hand shifter

Yellow bike Jim

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4:24 PM
Oct 4, 2022
I have a Pedego Interceptor. It has a Shimano rear derailleur. The twist throttle is on the right handlebar and it has a twist shifter on the left. I don't particularly like the shifter and would like to replace it with a click type shifter. I have searched for rear 8 speed shifters designed for mounting on the left but have not found one. Any help would be appreciated.


Multi-speed trigger or thumb shifter are typically for right hand side controls.
Left hand side shifters are typically for front derailleur that max out for 3-speeds.
Twist-type shifter would be the likely option if the multi-speed shifter has to be mounted on the left hand side.
I understand that. My bike came with a Microshift DS85-8L twist shifter. I assume that the L stands for left as it appears to be a mirror image of the same model in the standard right hand version. I am looking for a left hand version of an 8 speed thumb shifter.