Want To Swap Velotric 500w Go 1 Rear Wheel With Packer 1 750w Rear Wheel


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9:33 AM
Jan 13, 2024
San Francisco
I have two Velotric E-Bikes. A Nomad 1 and a Go 1. I do love them both but really enjoy the torque I get on the Nomad with the 750w motor. I noticed that the Packer 1 rear wheel has a 750w motor with the same size specs as the Go 1 500w rear wheel except for the cassette.

So I got this wild idea to research seeing if I could do a simple transfer of the two. I can not find specs anywhere of what the controllers are for these two bikes. If the controllers are different, that would be an easy swap as well. As far as the cassette, a different shifter and derailleur shouldn't be an issue either.

Having a Go 1 with better torque would be awesome for the riding I do. Any thoughts pro or con would be welcomed. However, if anyone could tell me the specs of the controllers for both the Packer and the Go would be helpful. Velotric quoted me a price of less than $300 for the Packer 1 rear wheel assembly.