2019 Evelo Aurora Sport


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8:29 PM
Oct 10, 2021
My bike's throttle is malfunctioning I think, or it's a battery slowly dying. I ride it 22 miles a day. I go up a steep hill that lasts for 1.3 miles long and it kills the battery. I have to shut off the bike for 2+ minutes to keep it going up to speed. When I get close to coming back home from work it's been slowing down lately while using full throttle. I can probably keep pedaling, but I'm a little lazy and like the speed of the full throttle. It usually goes about 22 miles an hour but is slowing down to 17-19 WOT. Is this the battery or is the throttle sticking? Anyone had issues like this and fixed them?
The newest one they came out with. 48v 14 ah. Tonight when riding up the hill I got off at the crest which is the worst part of it and walked it the rest of the way up after turning off the bike. It ran like it normally does. I think my battery is slowly starting to go bad. I've had it for over a year now. It's my primary transportation.