Sold (SOLD) Luna Cycle Bafang BBSHD Mid Drive Ebike Kit - $600

Purchased this for a project at the height of covid but never got around to building it. All parts are new, never used. Spent $805 at the time so putting up for 25% off retail. Buyer pays shipping or local pickup from San Francisco.

Features from the original receipt
  • Hot Rod Program (For Off Road Use Only)
  • Bottom Bracket Size: 68mm-73mm (Standard)
  • Chain Ring: Stock 46T Steel Chain Ring
  • Luna Mighty Mini 30T Chain Ring: Anodized Gold $55.95)
  • Display Options: Luna 750c Full Color Display for BBDHD and BBS02 $45.00
  • Throttle Choices: Bafang BBSxx Universal Thumb Throttle
  • Install Spacers and Helpers (Highly Recommended): Luna Install Helper - Spacer and Adapter Kit $10.00,
  • Optional Programming Cable: Bafang Programming Cable $19.95


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10:57 PM
Jul 25, 2023
Phoenix, AZ
Hey is it the regular sized 68mm like usual or a 100mm length one like i had until recently when some junkie who can even ride it or find my second tracking tag but unless i want to be that guy who doesnt care care and just go take it back like i want to so badly i must do it right and i always wanted the hd not the 2 although it was a great motor in its own right of course hopefully the cops can get him later tonight or tomorrow i hope.