request for balance charging litium ions cells in tbe


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Jan 30, 2024
The netherlands(Haarlem)
Hi there i am looking for someone in the netherlands who has this charger:
and i can visit and bring my ebike battery and slowly balance charge the 7litium ion cells to its peak with the balance port and after that in the future when i want to balance the cells i can come to you and balance the cells.

at a small fee of course.
is there anyone who wants to help me?
I will "try" to help - you are looking to "balance" your eBike battery - have you already tested the status of your eBike battery - or do you have battery performance issues now that lead you to believe your battery (cells) need to be balanced - which is it ?

Putting different "chemistry" between LiPo and LiOn aside - a RC battery balancer is often capped at 7S - whrer for eBike batteries a 36V eBike LiOn will be 10S - 48V 13S - 52V 14S - 60V 16S - 72V 20S.

You will need a Active Balancer that can "blance" your eBike battery s-Config.

To get you pointed in a more effective direction - this eBike/battery guy has a good video on how he developed his direction:

Ahh cool its the first one ths cells them self are safe but they are not at the same level of voltage wich results in a tripping bms when one of the 7cells is empty :)

But i checked the pack its a simple 29v ish e bike ane in the adventure ah xt 10
I know its a old bike but the batt cells itself has a 7s balance socket and the cells are 18500 cells

someone before me swapped what i believe the nimh pack for these cells :)

but the socket has 7white wires and 1black wich means a 7cell pack right?
If the socket/harness shows 1+7 it is 7S. -I would suggest you do a search for a 7S active LiOn battery blancer (board) - a active balancer proceesses transfers from highest to lowest cell - you do NOT need high amp rating for ta eBike LiON blancer - like 12 amp is fine.. Here in the U.S. like Amazon USD$15 . aliexpress is like USD#11 - pic shon is a Neely board - same board is often sold non-brand asNeey makes more expensive "intelligent" boxes now - and frankly yopu don't need that either
7s active balancer board.jpg
All good and no need to be sorry :)
Is this board a auto balancer?
Like plug the white scoket in the white board wait a bit and then your good?

also can you get a board like 17s and only use 7s and future proof yourself?
(is the board not locked to a exact amount?)

sorry for al these questions i love to learn :)
1. "Future Proofing" is not guarenteed - as you have been able to open your battery - and have access to the flat multi-wire connector linked to the cell packs - right ? That's how you identified your battery is 7S.
Most" eBike batteries today CAN'T BE USER OPENED as "most" eBike Battery Case Designs are sealed.
That's one big hill - as "most" of my eBike batteries and eScooter batteries are non-accessible unless I am OK with "breaking the cae open"

2. Going "Board Type" is best to have your board match the battery you are balancing - these are the USD$15-USD$40 solutions such as Neey (and rebranded or nonbranded Neey)

3. If you want to go TechHead - then you move up to a Bluetooth controlable "boxed board" - there are guys that get real/real exciting chasing their Microvolts - and yes at this price level and Blutooth control you can use the higher-S ability on Less-S eBike batteries - like USD$140 up thru USD$300 - most of this goes to have higher Amp capacity as well
Thanks for all the info and answers
:) sometimes ladyluck can be in your favor i did not know that most of the batt cases are seal shut/propriatary

Well for now i keep it at a simple level board i just ordered the 7s active balancer :)

Your the best :)