Progress is good though sometimes annoying.


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Jul 29, 2022
Upstate NY
Recap: Old-fat-guy recovered after several major surgeries. Bought an eBike to get moving again.

Well it's worked. Entering week 3 I'm rapidly getting stronger and I've gotten up to a regular Mon/Wed/Thurs ride of 8 miles with me taking over (vs the assist) a little bit more each time. I laugh at myself now because I get a little irritated on Tues and Thurs when I don't/can't ride due to other commitments.

Holding myself to a pretty strict standard for "grocery getting" with the bike (3 miles round trip) has also given me incentive to buy a hell of a lot less junk food because I don't want the weight in the milk-crate grocery basket for the uphill going back home LOL.

We have a nice bike lane on the way to the grocery store, but it had gathered a lot of miscl. debris, gravel, and so forth. I called my locality and to my absolute astonishment they had it swept off THE NEXT DAY! Kudos to Chenango Bridge NY!

I'm in absolute shock at how fast I'm approaching the "first 100" on my bike.

I do see a small "cargo trailer" to tow behind in my very near future.
You just want to be on the bike all the time, don’t you? It’s so addicting.

Using my bike almost daily for my work commute has really defined the summer of 2022 for me. I don’t get much time off work with my job, so being able to enjoy my bike to and fro has added significant quality of life for me. Just like you, I get annoyed when I can’t ride it (while my ebike is advertised as being rideable in the rain, I really have no interest in that for comfort and safety reasons).

People scoff at ebikes eliminating the exercise element of bike riding, but I call B.S. on that. Hundreds of miles biking, even with elements of pedal assist, is way better than the zero miles I likely would have biked otherwise.

I feel so good about myself when I pull up to work on my bike and feel decompressed when I arrive home. Saving money at the pump has been very significant as well…..more money for bike toys. :)

Like you, CW, I find myself hopping on the bike for any reason I can find. I‘m fortunate to live in a small village with another small village a scenic 6 miles away. Lots of opportunities to run to the store, farmers markets, etc.

Buying an eBike was one of the best decisions I‘ve made in a long time.
Same thing my ebike for exercise.....I have a replaced knee and hip on right side.....the ebike has been great.....I ride 4 to 7 miles almost every night.....have had my bike a little over two months....already have 250 miles on it.......legs are feeling much better and stronger. These ebikes are much riding all!
Oh and my balance is improving as well. I consider myself to be about 25% less likely to suffer a fall when walking just because this is re-training my inner ear(s) and coordination.