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May 26, 2022
Someone gave me this Fat Tire scooter that was not working and I brought it home to see if I can fix it.
It looks new, but the previous owner said that it suddenly stopped working so his neighbor came and tried to install a new motor controller, but just messed up all the wiring.
When I got it, first thing I did was testing the battery and realized it didnt go over 60V, so I took the pack apart and saw that one of the balancer cables was loose. I fixed that and now the battery is charging pass 60V.
Next step is the wiring. I took all of it apart and i see the ones that come from the motor and a terminal for the hall sensor, I see also the throttle cables with a connector that matches one in the controller, but I see a bunch of other cables coming from the breaks and the key switch, and some weird box that looks like an alarm buzzer and a blinker.
The keys that came with the scooter have a remote fob like regular cars, looks like a car alarm.
All that is disconnected and I dont know how to match the wirings.
I tried to get a manual for the controller but found none. The controller has connectors with labels in chinese, and Google translate gives me descriptions I dont understand.
I took pictures of everything.
I wonder if I post them here, maybe someone can give me a hand.
Thanks a lot.

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It broke, then somebody "helped", now you have it.

First, you need to make sure you have a controller at least vaguely compatible with the scooter. Sounds like you may not. You can waste a lot of time guessing.

It does not get a whole lot easier than what you have right now. However, the correct controller will AT LEAST have a wiring match for all the connections on the scooter itself, and maybe even most of the connector types will match up.

What you are doing is playing poke and hope with a box you do not even know will do the job.

Start researching scooter. Pay close attention, you may not find the brand name, but the identical unit under a different brand. Check all the specs you can against yours. Then, order a replacement controller for the matching scooter.

Don't tell me, let me guess, the guy who helped, he made off with the original controller, didn't he?