My display got stolen


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1:37 PM
Feb 24, 2024
What can I do? I have a gazelle c8+ ultimate and last night I parked it outside and someone cut the cables and took the controller out of my bike. Now is just a big brick until I fix it.

I looked for the display and is a Bosch Intuvia Performance, should I get a new one and replace it? is that simple or should I bring it to the manufacturer?
That depends on where wires were cut. Were cut above or below display connect? if cut from the display side
you can still install a new display. If below you may well be in really difficult straits with a mid-drive. Suggest
you get support from Bosch. The gazelle's a really great bike until you need a part. Very sorry for your loss.
After one hi-end bike with myriad issues, I went to a carefully vetted cheap bike with readily available generic
parts. Caefully maintained, that bike just turned 7,000 miles & still runs like new.