need help building battery.


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10:53 PM
Jul 30, 2022
I'm planning on building a battery for the enduro ebike I'm building, so far I think I'm going to use Samsung 40t cells in a 20s10p configuration so i can get 72v and 40ah and the cells seem to be fairly high capacity, and discharge and they are on sale for $4 a cell, here is my dilemma: if its 20s10p then to the best of my knowledge that means the battery will be capable of supplying 350a at 72v, but my ESC is only 150a so will I still need the Nickle strips and wire to handle the full 350a, and I don't even know how to get nickel stripping and wire that can handle that much current inside a bike frame. I've never done this before so literally any advice at all is appreciated.