Mid drive on a old MASI road bike



I installed a mid drive kit and I really like it really fast.11-21t cassette with a 42t chain ring
You don't see too many Masi frames anymore. Good on ya for giving one new life. I know of several builders who have done old road bikes and have had success with the BBS02 after they have dialed it back to account for road bike chain- and seatstay strength.

This article is titled for the BBSHD but the settings are the same for an '02. Look at the 'flat land' config for pedal assist that is dialed well back, and is a good starting point. Consider dialing up the pedal assist from there after dialing back the amps from the '02 default. If you do nothing else look hard at the settings that create a soft-start so the motor never yanks on the chain and stresses the stays.

I use the PAS like a transmission.Up shift to get desired assistance.I only went higher than 5 of 9 to see what it would do.