Loam Wolf EMTB 2020 eBike comparison

Orbea Wild
YT Decoy
Specialized Kenevo

I can't wait for my Orbea.
Only bad thing I've heard about orbea is their customer service sucks. At least in the colorado region. Anything warranty takes forever...
I hope not. My LBS said they would go right through Bosch for motor or battery warranty work.
Thats probably true but expect anything else to take forever. I talked to a guy yesterday who ordered the updated linkage for his Rallon and it took 3 months

Thats why I ended up with a Levo. Take the spacers out of the shock and change the fork travel to 160 and it's now a 158/160 bike. Specialized warranty turn around is 2 days in Colorado.
I had a Levo and it needed a new motor after 491 miles. I had a new motor in a week but I didn't want to be replacing motors every 500 miles.
Clutches are failing if there is heavy use of Turbo mode, specifically switching between Trail/Turbo on singletrack climbs. From what I have seen, Specialized has instituted a running change quietly. A lot of my friends replaced their motors early on and now have zero issues after replacement.
I believe inner bearing. It was all gritty and noisy. My Buddys is going the same thing at 750 miles.
Of course they will say it wont take long. They just want the sale.
I have a friend who bought an etrike from Honda stealership, months and months and more months. A simple crash he said. With diy components might be a one month wait for slow boat from china to come.