Is the battery dead


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Apr 3, 2023
Hi there,
This is a long story so please bear with me.
First of all can I just say that I know nothing about e-bikes but am in desperate need of help.
Just over 2 years ago my husband bought a Insync Circuit folding 36 Volt 250w 7 speed electric bike which cost around £1000.
2 weeks after he bought it our world fell apart when he was diagnosed with lung cancer and he passed away 4 months later.
The bike was never used and has been stored in the shed ever since. The battery has been stored in the house.
As you can imagine I’ve been all over the place but have finally decided to sell the bike in order to help with my finances.
Today I gathered everything together and attempted to charge the battery. The red light came on the charger, so far so good.
Approximately 2 hours later I noticed that the light had changed to green. I thought it was a bit quick but what do I know!!
I then pressed the switch on the battery and all the lights came on to my delight but then one by one switched off again. Does this mean the battery is dead?
I know the sure way of finding out is trying it on the bike but I really haven’t got a clue how to even fix it on there.
I’ve had a look at battery prices online and for what I think is the correct type they’re around £250!!!
I may as well just give the bike away.
Any advice at all would be very much appreciated.
Thank you,


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Very sorry for your loss.

The battery might be unusable, because once the voltage falls below a certain level, there is no coming back from that. Batteries discharge slowly on their own, so depending on what the initial charge was, two years untouched may have allowed to fall below that minimum level. My advice, sell the bike and be clear that the battery won't hold a charge. You'll still get money for it, just not as much as you could if the battery was in good condition.
Thank you JethroXP
As I suspected, such a shame as the bike is absolutely mint. Ah well, it is what it is.