I'm Back!


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4:05 AM
Sep 14, 2022
I was pretty active in this group until my ebike was stolen last summer. Ive just now been able to afford a new one so I bought an EBC Model J with the upgraded tech PKG. It hasn't been delivered yet but I test rode some and they were alot of fun to ride. I originally was going to buy a more expensive bike but I liked the model J best. I can't wait til it gets here!
Yep I know. I kept meaning to get it but...I was delivering food at 2pm on a very busy outdoor mall. I locked it with a U Lock and delivered the food & when I came back my lock was in pieces on the ground! I was about 50 feet away for less than 5 minutes. I'm getting insurance for sure this time and I also got an alarm and a gps thing you hide somewhere on the frame