How can I bench test a 9-pin 1kw Bafang motor?


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1:29 AM
Aug 3, 2023
I'd gotten a bad throttle error. I replaced the throttle that tested good on my wife's bile. The display suggests everything's hunky-dory, but I get nothing. I've also replaced the seller-supplied controller. I'm just trying to eliminate as much as possible, including sudden motor failure, before having to send the thing back. I mention all this because I'm not looking for advice, just a way to bench test the motor.
I got a tester. $12. Turns out I didn't need it; my bike works now. But it's nice to have, though I hope to never have to use it. A lot easier than a multi-meter.
what ended up being the solution?
A proprietary throttle. I got a throttle error message. I bought a new throttle, but it didn't work. The seller sent me a new one and it worked. I liked the design of the one I bought, so I figured out the pin assignments and soldered the new throttle to the plug on the bad throttle.