Here's a good rear-view mirror for your electric bike


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Aug 18, 2018
I have two big mirrors mounted on my handle bars but I could not see behind me no matter how I adjusted them. This was an easy, painless fix. Not sure if anyone has posted something like this or not, but I found a great bike mirror that is inexpensive ($14.99) and works really well. It goes into the end of your handle bars and you can see things beside you and more importantly (behind) you. Easy to install. I love it so I can see what is coming up behind me and also to make sure my wife is still back there on a ride, since I am always losing her! She stops for everything, interesting rocks, stray dogs, to talk to folks she does not know.
good mirror for ebike.jpg
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Would i have to cut holes in my handlebar grip/grips to fit these?
These ones plug to the end of the ye I'm afraid so, but then you can easily plug them back with those little plastic plugs...if you don't like the mirrors that is.
Great mirror. Just ensure you have everything tightened down. The mirror itself was loose from Amazon.