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May 13, 2022
Fontana, CA
Hello I’m Aaron. I am a a new ebike owner. I began looking into ebikes for a few months and I finally made the purchase. After watching countless videos from multiple reviews I was able to learn and began my search for an ebike. Most bikes come from China which is what I know and a majority of these bikes are relatively all the same just different logo/brand. I decided to go with a brand I never heard of before but they offered quite the package for the price. It’s a Mihogo X1. Mainly it claims to be a 750w brushless hub motor from what I assume it’s most likely a 750w peak. It’s got hydraulic brakes, a 48v 12ah battery, and some other things I don’t quite understand. Anyways I joined this forum to hopefully network with other fellow ebikers and to further understand what I bought and learn of possible mods or upgrades.


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I would upgrade the tires to tubeless setup and order an additional battery. Not easy to fix a flat on a hub motor. And purchase some basic tools that you can carry on the bike. For commuting if you don't already have one. Bike bell and lights are essentials for commuting. Panniers for your carrier and things like that.
My bike is my favourite tool now that gasoline is expensive.
Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated! Yes I did look into a basic bike kit to take on the road with me. Did not know about the tubeless tires and the hassle with replacing a flat. Just got the lights in today, and I just got back from a night ride on a bike trail made it a total of 14 miles there and back with what I would consider 20% battery left.
I have tried looking for the an additional battery for this specific design with no luck. If you know of a website that supplies or sells battery would you please share. TIA.
And yes those gas prices agreed!


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I’m sure your bike is fine just keep in your range and enjoy it. I’ve had a hub motor for 5 years , never had a flat
perhaps lucky.