Hello from Emporia, Kansas and getting close to buying an e-bike


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7:56 PM
Aug 8, 2022
I'm on vacation and a fellow in the adjacent cabin brought his e-bike with him. It is a Heybike Mars folding bike with fat tires. It caught my eye and got me interested in e-bikes. I test rode his bike and was impressed, although his seat and handlebars were not at the proper height for me. I've been a cyclist for 30 years, used to commute to work on a bike, but have not ridden in the last 3 years due to back and knee problems. I'm thinking an e-bike would allow me to get out and ride again and commute to work. I'm looking at the Heybike Ranger, and I am about to pull the trigger on the purchase. I've read the reviews on this board and elsewhere, and they seem to all be pretty positive. I've not looked at other brands, however. Any advice would be appreciated.


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8:56 PM
Jul 27, 2022
Don't have any advice but I bought my first e-bike 2 months ago, a Velowave Ghost, and I really like it. I wanted something I could run errands on and ride to local ponds and creeks and do some fishing. Just about every time I head out to go fishing I end up just riding till I head back home. The sad thing is I also like to fish. Be safe and enjoy the ride.