GreyP G6 Super eBike


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10:10 PM
Jul 13, 2020
Fresh from Croatia:

But with a bit of backstory:

Way more connectivity than I require for a bike ride but it does push the e envelope out for sure.

I wonder if Richard Hammond will get to review one?
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For a company that makes electric supercars, I'd expect better performance than 450w peak. That's 25-50% less than their competition, which would be OK if they were chasing the lightweight side of the market. Maybe they are? No weights are available.

I guess all the connectivity nonsense appeals to some people? It doesn't to me, I have an analog clock on my bike, that's all I need.
Considering that their other model, the 12S, has over 10,000w and costs less I would suggest those that want more power go with that model. Seems to be strictly geared towards the EU market and those that must be at all times connected.

I doubt it is a lightweight offering though, I would be surprised if it weighs less than 25kilos. The 480mm chain stays will not make it very popular with the short cs crowd either.