Specialized Globe Haul ST cargo ebike.


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Feb 13, 2022
Specialized launches its most affordable electric bike yet, the 28 mph Globe Haul ST utility bike


Surprised that there are so few reviews of this one so far, after the Aventon Abound and Lectric cargo bike youtube blitz, it's been pretty much crickets for this one other than the promo release blurbs.
Cargo ebikes are not the main revenue stream for Specialized. They put their marketing budget elsewhere in different segment of bike industry.
I’m not a member here ( first time poster- howdy from NC!) but I had to chime in. I test rode one today- this bike is sick! Not at ALL what I was expecting. It handles like an “ old achool” BMX bike.. that just happens to have tons of carrying capacity. I’m new to e-bikes, and am 5’ll, 220 lbs and an older guy. My use is commuting on pavement, exercise , and transportation down fire roads and logging trails during hunting seasons. Granted it’s an unfair comparison, but this thing was about 600 times smoother , friendlier and easier to handle than my $3500 Rambo bike … and isn’t even in the ball park with the $1500 aventon I’ve ridden. .. it just needs a suspension seat post and it’d be pure gold…