Greetings from New Zealand

J T M Jansen

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7:40 PM
Jun 14, 2021
New Zealand
Hi all,
My wife and I have been keen motorcyclists and Cyclists for many decades, though we have only changed our cycles to electric when we reached our 70's.
As you can see I am living in New Zealand (but as my name may tell you, originally from The Netherlands a long time ago :).
I converted our existing bicycles with Bafang BBS02B mid drive motors and 48v batteries. the reason for going this way, firstly I got locally supplied bikes that I knew were good quality (Specialized & Giant) and secondly the Bafang gives me excellent self programmable outcomes.
Having been a Electro Mechanical Engineer, Electronic Technician and Computer specialist for most of my life I found conversion simple and straight forward. I have also spent many months testing and experimenting with the programming of the Bafang Controller to find the best outcome for our riding style.

Hello, welcome to the forum! You can't go wrong with an ebike kit on a good quality bike. Some of the cheap bikes they sell these days I just have to shake my head at. Sounds like you have some great electrical knowledge which we can all learn from!

I hope you post many pictures with text. This sounds like a great upgrade and opportunity for all of us to learn.