Front Fork Dropout 100mm delimma


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5:58 AM
Jul 12, 2020
I have a rear geared motor, and I bought the wrong side plate, I needed one with a freewheel thread, but I bought a disc brake cover. 100mm is a really old fork I had laying around and its too narrow. Obviously it fits into the rear dropout perfectly.

It got me thinking that I really want this hub up front, and have it dual rotor disc brake, I dont have the proper tools to make it fit, just your basic dremel and cutoff tool. Maybe what I need to do then is buy a wider front fork dropout.

I will measure the two bikes I have right now. Yeah they both 100mm(10cm) so I either need to weld up something on the suspension forks which would need to be creative because I just cant add height to it, so I'd need to weld up steel to the fork and hope that metal is steel, which neither of my forks are. Then I'd have to convert to a non suspension front fork that is steel or find a suspension fork where the housing is steel.
Well I think I can find someone who can weld aluminum. Take apart the stock suspension fork and welder up. Then weld on the dual caliper mounts. Thats my only solution. It will be very slightly higher which I wont notice. Its a cruiser bike anyways so it should all be good to go.