E-bike leasing or renting?


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7:58 PM
Jun 21, 2018
I wanted to find out whether anyone has any experience with renting an e-bike? I live in the city and would like to avoid the traffic and save fuel, so the whole thing sounds very sensible to me.

In addition, it would also be one less car on the roads at peak times and therefore more environmentally friendly.

I have a small car which I currently lease, but I'm a little unsure about a bike.

What do you think? I mean if you can rent an electric bike at least in the summer and then only use a car in the winter it would be very nice and money-saving. I would like to hear everyones opinions or experiences with renting an ebike!
Personally I have no experience with renting an e-bike, but a good friend of mine has leased his e-bike through his employer and is very satisfied with it.

He believes that riding a bike to work in the morning really wakes him up and his stress level has dropped significantly because he no longer has to worry about traffic jams or delays in the morning. The renting through the employer works really well, and if he wants he can buy the bike for the remaining value at the end of the term, which is 36 months.

He actually doesn't use a car anymore, even in winter. The winters are not too cold anyway (at least in our region). So you can also ride a bike in winter. E-bikes also have very wide tires too so it's not too slippery.