E-Bike: Events, gatherings, demos, ride areas, Post em here!


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3:03 PM
Jul 13, 2020
Let's see if we can get a sticky on this...
...post all your legal riding areas, events, gatherings, demos pertaining to e-bikes:

Let's keep this a positive thread, allowing it to help noobs and others looking for good info. There are 50 other threads for fighting and cursing the electric snake we call e bikes!...thanks!
The Santa Monica Mountains Conservency has permitted ebikes with no throttle on all of their trails for months. The signs still say "no motorized vehicles", but the Rangers and the trail monitor groups all say that electric motors are permitted. This is in the spirit of the CA law making Class 1 and 2 ebikes the legal equivalent of pushbikes on State roads, bike paths and trails.
2nd Annual Ebike Expo and Demo Day. Ebike curious? We will have multiple bike shops and manufacturers like Specialized, Cannondale, Stromer, Trek with all kinds of Ebikes to demo on a variety of terrain. Road Ebikes, Commuter Ebikes, Mountain Ebikes, Folding Ebikes and more! No rain date. Bring your helmet if you have one. If you've never tried an ebike...Here you go!