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May 1, 2022
Hi I decided to swith my front hub motor(1500Watts) to a new bike yesterday and at the end of the installation I try to start my e-bike and I got an undervolt error on my display.(My display is a kt-led880) so the Low was flashing and that pretty much it. Thing to note every lights are working on the display.
Things I have done so far:
1:Recharge the battery to full charge(52Volts 20 AH battery)
2:Check if the mosfets of my controller are working properly(KT36/48ZWSRL)
3:Clean every connections of every cables with 99% alcohol
4:Check the voltage send from the battery through the controller to the display(58volts)
5:Reset the display(Not sure it work) Pressing Mode and ON/OFF power for 5 to 10 seconds.
6:Verify all the cables on the e-bike to see if they are damaged
7:Only connect Display to controller and controller to battery(same issue)
At this point I'm out of idea, is my display or my controller are broken ???
Thank you very much for reading me and if you have any input I will gladly try them before ordering display? controller? boths?
Sorry for the quality of my english I'm doing my best.

1500W front hub motor
KT-LED880 Display
Standard throttle
52V 20Ah battery
KT36/48ZWSRL Controller
Standard PAS

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There is no Li-ion battery which fully charges to 52V. What is commonly called a "52V" battery charges to 54.6. What is Less commonly called a 58V battery charges to 58.8.

If you tell the controller you have a 58.8 battery, or if for some reason it decides that you DO have a 58.8V battery, then you attach a 52V battery, which is properly charged, the controller will detect a 54.6V battery when it is expecting a 58.8V battery and give you an undervoltage error.

It is actually more likely the other way round and getting an OVERvoltage error, as you should not be at an LVC level for cutoff, but that is likely TMI.

However, it is absolute that the battery CAN NOT BE both a "52V" and a "58V".
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