Disc Brake Quiet - Stop Disc Brake Noise on an Ebike

Disc brake quiet can help with noisy disc brakes on your new ebike. Sometimes the noise is caused by the vibration of the pads. Careful application of disc brake quiet can help reduce this noise.

How does it work? It works by absorbing some of the vibration between the pad and rotor. While generally used on automobiles and motorcycles, many bicycle riders have noticed a reduction in noise while using the same product on bicycle disc brakes.

How to use it? Apply disc brake quiet directly in-between the piston and the back of the brake pad. Care should be taken to not get any of it on the front of the pads or the disc rotor.

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I've had a crazy rumbling noise like my spokes are gonna snap at any moment. I sanded then tested, then replaced rotors and pads twice and had the spokes tensioned to proper tension and still the crazy noise....

I read somewhere that HVAC aluminum tape, cut to the size of the caliper pistons would stop it but i never believed it.

Today i tried the HVAC aluminum tape and now have NO noise coming from my wheel/brake area....
I've no clue how that works or stops the resonance but it worked for me and hopefully may work for other.

Ride Safe!! :cool:

I've used CRC Disc Brake Quiet on motorcycles before,
but on ebikes or mt bikes, I generally just use Brillo pads incerted between the rotors and ride for couple of miles to clean off the glaze rotor surfaces and the niose is usually gone. Works better than anything else IME.
Most brake noise is caused by misalinement. A couple of things I've found that help a lot are floating rotors, and Concave/Convex bicycle Caliper Brake washers

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