Chainring options for BBSO2


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Oct 22, 2022
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The Deruiz rings give a LOT less offset than they advertise because of how thick the rings are, and how they measure (from the top of the thick ring rather than from the bottom at the bolt hole where it actually matters). I have one of their BBSHD rings in service and while it is of surprisingly good quality, its offset is a fraction of what they used to advertise (offset claims are no longer on their Amazon ad).

The only surefire product I know of that is reliable in what they tell you about offset are the Lekkie BBS02 rings. But you'd better be ready for some sticker shock. Here's a link. Scroll down for actual accurate specs, including offset.

The manufacturer has their own web site and ships worldwide, but there are shipping charges from New Zealand. The individual rings have links to pdf spec sheets that are precise in telling you what you are getting..

The 40T w/replacement drive cover gives the best offset possible because you are actually placing a slightly smaller drive cover on the motor so a 40T ring with an added 2mm of offset can be fitted. The HD version requires a mild amount of filing on the motor (documented) to make this work. The BBS02 does not need this.

With all of that said, there may be something out there from some Chinese seller on Aliexpress that is good enough. But you will have to cross your fingers that what you see in the pics is what you get when it arrives, and quality will be a grab bag.

Don't expect the kind of offset gains on a BBS02 that you get on a BBSHD. The 11mm you get on the Lekkie 40T ring are as good as it gets. The motors are just different and there's less room to gain back.
Thanks, again you have been very helpful. This is perfect! It can be hard to find these rare little things. $160 is pricey but it looks really nice! I like the red alloy gear cover (extra bling), I lost my chain down in there when I had a flat sprocket on and it and chewed up the plastic cover a bit. Also 40T is nice.

Yes the Deriuz is a nice sprocket but not as much offset as it could have all right, there is 10mm space between the sprocket and the motor so they could have gone another 5mm offset. While you might not get as much offset gain on the bbso2 as on an hd it doesn't need as much because the ring gear housing doesn't stick out there as far in the first place.
I forgot to mention this vendor before, who I have bought two HD 40T drive cover packages from:

The '02 package is only $125 from him.

The Lekkie covers are made of alloy, not plastic, and have a grease port. Also if the money isn't an object, Lekkie themselves sell different colors.